M1 - mySIM(3) 98 (12-month)

Price: $98.00 per month
Local Data: Unlimited
Local Outgoing Calls: Unlimited
Local Incoming Calls: Unlimited
Free Local SMS: Unlimited
Contract Period: 12 months
Caller ID: $5.35 per month
Other Fees:

• Registration fee: $10.70*
• SIM card: $37.45*
• Free SIM card (U.P. $37.45) for new sign-ups on mySIM3 plans (Limited period only)
• Promotional waiver of first month's subscription for Caller Number Display on new line

Value Added Services:

• Unlimited free calls to 3 M1 numbers
• Add Data Passport from $10/mth
• Add 5GB at $5 mySIM Data add-on on re-contract or signup.
• Add 200 min / 800 min / Unlimited Talktime at $5 / $10 / $15 per month
• 50% off monthly subscription of mySIM Talktime Add-on will be valid from date of sign-up / re-contract to 31 December 2019:
200 min : $2.50/mth (U.P. $5/mth)
800 min : $5/mth (U.P. $10/mth)
Unlimited : $7.50/mth (U.P. $15/mth)

Official Website: https://www.m1.com.sg/personal/mobile/plans/mysim

About M1's mySIM(3) 98 (12-month)

This mobile phone plan comes with UnlimitedGB Local Data and Unlimited Local Outgoing Minutes.

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